After Care

After Care:

Our South Punjab Hospital, being a patient-centered institute, offers a unique service. It recognizes that our patients come from far-fetched areas, after paying travel expenses and allotting time to receive the best health care there is. After those appointments or even surgeries, they may need some follow-ups, or be back home and have certain questions for their doctors regarding medication or post-op care that they might have missed or need confirmations on. That is when they’re inconvenienced because they can’t make the trip back to the hospital every other day. Because of this, we offer “After Care.

After Care allows patients to contact their doctors via phone call or virtual appointments, for any follow-up questions or queries they may have. All that from the comfort of their homes and free of any additional charges.

Most commonly treated Concerns:

  • Post-discharge patients
  • Alterations in medicine
  • COVID-19 patients
  • Physical therapy
  • Diabetic patients

Or simply, a general follow-up to put our patients at ease.