South Punjab Community Clinic

The South Punjab Community Clinic is a project of the South Punjab Hospital that aims to promote superior medical care that is affordable and accessible to all. The Clinic is a consumer-driven and patient-centered organization that serves as a comprehensive and cost-effective. South Punjab Community Clinic serves everyone regardless of ability to pay or insurance status. It increases access to health care and provides integrated care services based on the unique needs of the communities it serves. South Punjab Community Clinic is located in an underprivileged area named Qasim Bella. Most of the population is unemployed or working on wages.

South Punjab Community Clinic also hosts a segment of South Punjab Welfare Lab, a project of South Punjab Labs. Laboratory sampling and sample collection at a discounted price for the benefit of the community. This Community Clinic gives verified test reports. They collected the sample and sent it to the central hospital Laboratory. Suppose a patient has a severe health issue or needs surgery then Clinic staff forward their case to the hospital. The patient gets treatment at a discounted price in South Punjab Hospital.

The clinic offers a minimum consultation fee of 100 rupees. In addition, free medical camps are held monthly. Free medical camps are held by specialists. Till now three free camps have been arranged.  We provide patients with free medicine, medical examinations, and ultrasound.60-100 Patients visit doctors on free camp. Until now South Punjab Hospital has arranged 4 free camps.  South Punjab Community Clinic gives a free follow-up to patients for three days.

The South Punjab Community Clinic offers various services designed to meet the needs of the local community. These services include care facility; 24/7 healthcare and first aid support,  Wound dressing; trauma management, and stitching, Doctor; consultation, and inspection. Furthermore, Community Clinic also provides Diagnostic and laboratory work; laboratory samples and diagnostic tests, and Administration of medicines; including static injections and liquids. Ultrasound and ECG services are also offered at the South Punjab Community Clinic.

South Punjab Community Clinic also counsels people along with treatment. They have hired a team to communicate with local people in their language. o people do not hesitate to share their issues. 25-40 patients visit South Punjab Hospital daily. They are satisfied with the treatment and clinic.