South Punjab Hospital is a tertiary-level hospital situated in the heart of Multan. It was founded in 2007 under the name of South Punjab Chest Clinic. That clinic under Dr. Zubair Shaheen’s guidance and great work became the foundation of the South Punjab Hospital that we see today. The South Punjab Hospital is an institution that prides itself on providing excellent healthcare as a 24/7 full-service hospital. Their staff is proven to provide support throughout your experience at South Punjab Hospital, whether it’s primary in-patient care or an emergency visit.

Where is South Punjab Hospital located?

It’s located at Suraj Miani Road, Chungi number 1, Multan. When we say it’s a tertiary level of a hospital, it essentially means that they harbor specialists and advanced equipment. In the case of South Punjab Hospital, apart from the usual OPD and IPD services, it’s equipped with four operation theaters for advanced surgeries, an Intensive Care Unit that has the capacity to care for ten patients at once, along with an emergency room that remains on standby for any incoming trauma patients. General Ward and private rooms are available for patients coming from different demographics. Dialysis is offered for patients with kidney issues.

Which Services South Punjab Hospital Does Provide?

Recently, the Cardiology department at South Punjab Hospital expanded and now offers Angiography and Angioplasty, along with minimally invasive cardiac surgery all under one roof. The charges at South Punjab Hospital vary from specialist to specialist consultation fees and the procedures required by the patients.

Sehat Card of South Punjab Hospital

However, South Punjab Hospital is on the panel of Sehat Sahoolat Card as well since 2019. That means, that patients fitting the criteria of Sehat Shaoolat Program can walk into the hospital, get their documentation verified from the information desk, and then avail of free consultations, checkups, and even operations at South Punjab Hospital. The sole purpose of offering this service in our hospital is to open up effective healthcare for all even the underprivileged who may previously be unable to access healthcare at this level.

Does South Punjab Hospital have Covid Ward?

YES! During the COVID-19 pandemic, South Punjab Hospital was among the frontline institutions that tackled the disease head-on. Dr. Zubair Saheen, a senior pulmonologist and the CEO of South Punjab Hospital took appointments online and face to face during the whole two-year stretch- and still continues to do so.

Initiative of TeleClinic

South Punjab Hospital came up with the initiative of TeleClinic i.e appointments via video call from the comfort of your homes. TeleClinic offered the hospital and its patients a unique advantage. It allowed for patients to face zero exposure to a hospital environment, cancel out any traveling costs, and still avail of the best healthcare has to offer with a touch of a finger. The specialists found it convenient as they didn’t have to expose themselves, or their patients in such troubling times. It reduced costs and managerial complications greatly and allowed doctors to administer care effectively.

COVID ward

A COVID ward with the capacity of ten beds inside along with additional private rooms was set up during the pandemic as well. For the safety of hospital personnel, COVID patients, and patients of the hospital in general the utmost care of isolation, segregation, and proper kits for attendees whether it’s their suits, face shields, or sanitization, was the top priority at South Punjab Hospital.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, another service name Home Care was also launched. This service was designed to make medical aid more accessible. convenient for the patients. Specifically for those patients who found travel to the hospital difficult. Whether they were suffering from COVID, other chronic diseases, or were post-discharge patients requiring special care like the elderly. Those who were bound to stay home could avail treatment at their doorstep.

Home Care

Through Home Care, qualified physicians experienced nurses, and physiotherapists come to your home. Who provide medical assistance according to the patient’s requirement. This proved to be a very safe and affordable method to get healthcare services with all the safety precautions and portable equipment. It allowed patients to get ultrasounds, ECG, X-rays, and vaccinations. All in the comfort of their homes, easing some anxieties in general and allowing them to heal.

Similarly, After Care is an initiative for post-discharge patients to avail themselves of free-of-cost consultations. Check-ups, and follow-ups from their homes through a video call service. This offer comes with zero additional charges and is aimed only at the complete recovery of our patients. Nothing should disturb their healing process, not even the drive to the hospital.

How Much does South Punjab Hospital Charge for one Night?

When it comes to patients that often need to get admitted, post or pre-operations. The South Punjab Hospital has various packages which cater to every demographic. Starting from the lowest, the General Ward costs 4500 PKR for an overnight stay. It is accommodating to the patient and their family. The Standard room, which is a step up from the general ward and offers privacy, costs 8000 PKR. While the Deluxe room costs 10000. An overnight stay at the ICU  is charged at 15000, with the whole of the ICU staff at your disposal.

If you’re a Sehat Sahoolat card holder however and are charging your treatment process on it. Then that is a completely different story.