South Punjab Community Clinic


South Punjab Community Clinic is a project of South Punjab Hospital aiming to promote excellent healthcare while being affordable and accessible to all. The idea behind South Punjab Community Clinic is simple; discounted yet effective healthcare. We prioritize experienced staff as well as proper hygiene and cleanliness.

South Punjab Community Clinic also hosts a segment of South Punjab Welfare Lab, a project of South Punjab Labs,  that offers services; lab sampling and sample collection at discounted rates for the welfare of the community.

The Clinic offers a minimal consultation fee of Rs. 100. In addition to which a Free Medical Camp is held monthly; which offers the patients free medication, consultations, and ultrasound. South Punjab Community Clinic offers a variety of services focused on the needs of the local society;


  • Nursing facilities; round-the-clock assistance with healthcare & First Aid
  • Wound Dressing; trauma management and stitches.
  • General Physician; consultation and check ups.
  • Diagnostic & Lab Work; lab sampling and diagnostic tests.
  • Administering Medication; including stat Injections and fluids.

Ultrasounds, ECG services are provided at South Punjab Community Clinic, as well.