Chase Up Activity

The marketing department of South Punjab Hospital has arranged different marketing activities for the promotion of the hospital and awareness of different diseases.  This week’s campaign was regarding pollution created by plastic. The main purpose of the activity was to spread awareness against the use of plastic.  It’s important to be cautious of plastic. The more people are aware of the negative effects that consuming and discarding plastic on the environment and their health, the more likely they will band together to make the world and themselves healthier.

This activity was arranged at Chase up Multan on 3rd  July. 1500 reusable bags were distributed among people. This campaign was performed by collaborating with Chase up. The institution has pioneered the concept of hypermarkets & quality discounting in Pakistan by having a network of metropolitan cities They were distributed with a message. A message to promote #PlasticFreeMultan for a healthier, happier tomorrow for us and our environment. The whole team was there. They guided people about the harmful effects of Plastic. The fact that plastic bags take a very long time to degrade has a significant negative influence on the environment.

Additionally, when plastic bags decompose under sunlight, hazardous compounds are released into the soil. When plastic bags are burned, a toxic substance is discharged into the air, contributing to ambient air pollution, which doesn’t do any of us any favors.

These kinds of activities should be arranged everywhere. So people will stop using plastic. South Punjab Hospital always tries to promote healthy activities and a clean environment. Your health is the priority. Awareness and correction is our top priority.