Dr. Farah Naz Free Medical Camp

A Free Medical Camp was held at South Punjab Community Clinic on  Sunday,  22th May 2022. The South Punjab Community Clinic is located in Khor Market, Qasim Bela, Multan. The camp was held for a total of 4 hours, 11 am to 3 pm. 

The Chief Consultant for this Camp, in particular, was Dr. Farah Naz, a renowned Consultant Obstetrician, and Gynaecologist. She has recently joined our ranks at South Punjab Hospital and takes appointments there. 

A grand total of 110 patients, mothers, and pregnant ladies, were checked, diagnosed, and prescribed medication, all free of cost. This includes the 50 follow-up patients and 110 new patients at the Clinic. Our personal best yet for a medical camp.

Their initial history and vitals were checked by the Medical Officer present on the scene. Our team supervised and managed the smoothness of the operation which allowed everyone to get their turn and receive medical attention.

These Free Medical Camps are held at Qasim Bela because it’s occupied by the underprivileged, where access to effective and standardized healthcare is either too out of reach or simply unavailable. Our goal is to fill that gap and ensure good health and services for all which is why we do these Camps every month.

During these camps medication, consultations, and ultrasounds are provided free of cost to the patients. They can even get their blood work done through the Welfare Lab present in the Clinic at exceptionally low charges with fast and authentic results.