First Pediatric Open Heart Surgery

Another milestone was achieved within the borders of South Punjab Hospital last week. Ever since we launched Cardiac Surgery in our Operation Theatres, our goal has been to heal children that can’t afford surgeries or don’t have the luxury of time to await their turn in Government hospitals.

At South Punjab Hospital, the first pediatric open heart surgery was done successfully by Dr. Ali Bukhari, a USA-trained Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon now sharing his knowledge and expertise with us.

The procedure was done on a 6 years old child with a large ASD and PDA. She has had ASD repair and PDA closure as a double procedure done using a Heart-Lung bypass machine. 

After the huge success of our Cardiac Angiography and Angioplasty service,  South Punjab Hospital very humbly strives to establish an advanced Cardiac Surgery center including a regular Paediatric cardiac surgery program. 

We are grateful to the Sehat Sahoolat Programme that allows us to continue working and saving lives with our team of Dr. Ali Bukhari, anaesthesiologist Assistant Professor Amir Furqan, and Dr. Haseeb, our Perfusionist, Nurses, and OT assistants. Their superb professionalism and work are why we will achieve future milestones. Insha Allah.