Inauguration of Cardiac Surgery at South Punjab Hospital

South Punjab Hospital is proud to announce the inauguration of the first ever Cardiac Surgery within our borders.

Dua Zahra, a 1.5-year-old little baby girl, presented with a heart defect at birth.

Thus, Dr. Syed M. Ali Bukhari, Consultant Paediatric & Adult Congenital Heart Surgeon,  performed PDA Ligation on the patient this week. The procedure was done free of cost on Sehat Card and cost the family nothing.

What is PDA ligation?

The surgery to seal the ductus arteriosus, a blood vessel, is known as patent ductus arteriosus surgery. This blood artery usually shuts after birth. However, it remains open in PDA. Due to this, some blood that ought to travel from the heart to the body instead goes to the lungs.

Normal blood flow via the heart and blood vessels is made possible through PDA surgery. When the opening is large enough to create symptoms like breathing difficulties, it is done. It may also be used if another PDA treatment is ineffective or is not an option.

Some infants get the procedure as soon as the issue is identified. Sometimes, children’s surgeries are postponed until they experience symptoms or are in a state of sufficient health.

South Punjab Hospital takes immense pride in this milestone and is eager to help the masses.