Women's Day at South Punjab Hospital

International Women’s Day (IWD), which is celebrated every year on March 8, is one of the most significant days of the year to:

  • Honor women’s accomplishments.
  • Promote women’s equality, and push for rapid gender parity.
  • Generate money for organizations that support women.

Only 5% of senior and leadership positions in Pakistan are now held by women, who currently make up 25% of the labor force.

The role of women is expanding as the Pakistani economy shifts from the agricultural sector to the service sector. Retail, hospitality, education, entertainment, finance, public administration, communication, technology, and other industries that demand a lot of specialized labor are included in the service sector.

“A large number of women in lower income group communities in Pakistan don’t have access to healthcare facilities but there are thousands of professional female doctors who can be mobilized to serve these patients through telemedicine. This would not only lower the disease burden but would also save thousands of lives in the country “ said Dr. Sara Saeed, CEO of Sehat Kahani, a Pakistani healthcare startup.

Women are playing a vital role in every field including healthcare. According to the survey, women make up over 30% of the healthcare workforce in Pakistan, compared to their 20% representation in the country’s total labor force. Only their healthcare requirements are typically emphasized in the traditional approach to women’s health. However, women play a significant role in both giving and receiving healthcare in their homes and larger communities. This participation is not given enough credit in terms of economy, politics, and culture. It seems very appropriate that we need to strengthen them, rather than just focusing on what we can do for women. Recognizing that women make a significant contribution to long-term care, it makes sense for her to contribute to a “virtuous circle” of health for healthy women.

A number of employees working in South Punjab Hospital are women. South Punjab Hospital arranged Hi-Tea to celebrate this women’s day. Amongst tea ladies shared their stories, achievements, and struggles.  They all are inspiring and confident in their own unique way. Their stories remind everyone how they are constantly surrounded by incredible individuals, with stories and scars that they wear as badges every day. The stories vary, they may be small but they all have meaning and have an impact on our lives.

South Punjab Hospital always tries to empower others and recognize their contributions to the Hospital. Happy Women’s Day to all the women.